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Promote your organisation and raise funds with an outsourced online store, complete

with products branded with your logo, without the headache of running your own store




Online web stores can be a great source of funds and raising awareness, but the cost in time and money can be prohibitive, the cost of web design, sourcing and purchasing branded products, the time involved in fulfilling the orders, maintaining inventory is all too much for most not-for-profit organisations. Well now there is an alternative. Firefox CampaignShops provides you with a fully outsourced web store, complete with a wide range of print- and embroider-on-demand merchandise to promote awareness and raise funds, with no requirement for product investment, inventory, or even eCommerce skills.

CampaignShops is more than just a Web store that provides on-demand branded products, use it for event management, donation processing, and online auctions, launched here in the UK just in time for the holidays! Act now to take advantage of lowered setup fees. Available as a stand alone solution or fully integrated with DonorPerfect Online Fundraising software.




A Firefox CampaignShops cloud-based store can be integrated with your fundraising system to create new supporter and gift records, and map supporter purchases to your campaigns. You just need to link it to your web site. You can even sell directly from your organisation's Facebook page.

In addition to a ready-to-go fundraising store, CampaignShops lets you sell your own products, promote event registrations, receive donations, and even auction items to further diversify your fundraising methods.


For organisations with members we have the perfect solution for you with MemberShops

It has the same great features as CampaignShops with many additional ones tailored for membership organisations


Why choose CampaignShops CampaignShops Malaria No More
CampaignShops provides you with a sophisicated web store solution at low cost that does not require your organisation to have its own technology and ecommerce skills. Firefox handles it all for you by hosting, managing and running your store.

Firefox sources and manages more than 200 products that can carry your identity. Your store will be fully populated with branded merchandise that is available one-off, on-demand and customised with your logo or design. (No more boxes of merchandise lying around in your office!)

If you do have products, you can add those to your store to sell - or to auction-as well as donations with Gift Aid election and your event registrations - all in one place with one shopping cart, one checkout and one payment by your supporters. CampaignShops also haOmni Facebookndles all order processing and fulfillment.

In a world where social networks are the places to spark viral marketing, Firefox web stores also let you and your supporters share your store and it's products on Facebook®, Twitter® and other sites.

More importantly, your Firefox CampaignShops

store can be displayed on your Facebook page via the Firefox Facebook App. Your supporters can browse and add products, event registrations, even auction bids without leaving Facebook. All of the Facebook reporting and management is the same as that for your conventional web store making management even easier.



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Contact us for a demonstration as to how CampaignShops can help broaden awareness and contribute to your fundraising.
When you use the CampaignShops integration all of your supporter purchases can be automatically mapped to your campaigns,
 allowing you to capture more information and further build your donor base.
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